What Are Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) Used For?

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What Are Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) Used For?

All lithium sciences are not made equivalent. Indeed, most American customers – electronic devotees aside – are just acquainted with a restricted scope of lithium arrangements. The most well-known variants are worked from cobalt oxide, manganese oxide and nickel oxide plans. To start with, how about we make a stride back as expected. Lithium-particle batteries are a much more up to date advancement and have just been around throughout the previous 25 years. Throughout this time, lithium innovations have expanded in prominence as they have demonstrated to be significant in controlling more modest gadgets – like PCs and mobile phones. In any case, as you may review from a few reports over late years, lithium-particle batteries from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer additionally picked up a standing for bursting into flames. Until late years, this was one of the primary reasons’ lithium wasn't regularly used to make enormous battery banks. 

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Yet, at that point went along lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). This more current sort of lithium arrangement was intrinsically non-ignitable, while considering somewhat lower energy thickness. LiFePO4 batteries were not just more secure, they had numerous points of interest over other lithium sciences, especially for high force applications. 

In spite of the fact that lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries aren't actually new, they're quite recently getting footing in Global business markets. Here's a fast breakdown on what recognizes LiFePO4 from the other lithium battery arrangements: 

Wellbeing And Stability 

LiFePO4 batteries are most popular for their solid security profile, the consequence of amazingly stable science. Phosphate-based batteries offer prevalent warm and synthetic soundness which gives an expansion in security over lithium-particle batteries made with other cathode materials. Lithium phosphate cells are incombustible, which is a significant element in case of misusing during charging or releasing. They can likewise withstand unforgiving conditions, be it freezing chilly, singing warmth or unpleasant territory. When exposed to dangerous occasions, for example, impact or shortcircuiting, they won't detonate or burst into flames, fundamentally diminishing any opportunity of mischief. In case you're choosing a lithium battery from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer and envision use in risky or unsteady conditions, LiFePO4 is likely your most ideal decision. 


Execution is a central point in figuring out which sort of battery to use in a given application. Long life, slow self-release rates and less weight make lithium iron batteries an engaging alternative as they are relied upon to have a more drawn out time span of usability than lithium-particle. Administration life as a rule times in at five to ten years or more, and runtime essentially surpasses lead-corrosive batteries and other lithium definitions. Battery charging time is additionally extensively diminished, another advantageous execution perk. Along these lines, in case you're searching for a battery to stand the trial of time and charge rapidly, LiFePO4 is the appropriate response. 

Space Efficiency 

Additionally worth referencing is LiFePO4's space-proficient attributes. At 33% the heaviness of most lead-corrosive batteries from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer and practically a large portion of the heaviness of the mainstream manganese oxide, LiFePO4 gives a compelling method to utilize space and weight. Making your item more effective generally speaking. 

Ecological Impact 

LiFePO4 batteries are non-harmful, non-sullying and contain no uncommon earth metals, settling on them a naturally cognizant decision. Lead-corrosive and nickel oxide lithium batteries convey huge ecological danger (particularly lead corrosive, as interior synthetic compounds debase structure over group and in the long run cause spillage). 

Contrasted with lead-corrosive and other lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer huge focal points, including improved release and charge productivity, longer life expectancy and the capacity to profound cycle while looking after execution. LiFePO4 batteries frequently accompany a greater cost tag, however a vastly improved expense over existence of the item, negligible upkeep and rare substitution makes them a beneficial speculation and a shrewd long haul arrangement. 

Look at our most recent infographic with more subtleties on what settles on lithium iron batteries the most ideal decision for your application. 

Applications and employments: 


Bioenno Power batteries offer huge favorable circumstances for driving little boats and kayak engines. LiFePo4 batteries are not exactly a large portion of the heaviness of customary lead corrosive batteries and offer significantly upgraded cycle life which make them ideal for utilizing them in little boats and kayak engines. 

Communications Equipment including Ham Radio: 

Many of our clients are utilizing LiFePO4 batteries to supplant lead corrosive and NiMh batteries for radio correspondences gear including ham radio. The life span and number of charge cycles have incited numerous clients to switch over to LiFePO4 innovation. We have clients that are utilizing our batteries for these applications. Furthermore, the batteries are not exactly a large portion of the heaviness of customary lead corrosive batteries. 

E-Bikes/E-Scooters/Small Vehicles: 

Many of our clients are utilizing LiFePO4 batteries for e-bicycles/e-bikes to supplant lead corrosive batteries. Since LiFePo4 batteries from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer offers huge focal points including high explicit limit and incredibly upgraded cycle life, and exceptionally low weight, these batteries are ideal for e-bicycle/e-bike applications. 

Electric Golf Caddy: 

Bioenno Power LiFePO4 batteries from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer can be utilized to control electric golf assistants which are utilized to convey golf clubs across fairways. LiFePO4 batteries are not exactly a large portion of the heaviness of conventional lead corrosive batteries making them ideal for electric golf assistants, with immensely improved cycle life. 

Energy Storage: 

LiFePO4 batteries when joined with converters and inverters can be utilized as an energy stockpiling arrangement which can control numerous sorts of electrical burdens in conditions where there is no admittance to power. For instance, numerous compact hardware can be charged utilizing LiFePO4 batteries from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer including PCs and PDAs. Huge numbers of our clients are utilizing Bioenno Power LiFePO4 batteries in blend with inverters/converters for driving different electrical burdens. 

General Purpose Equipment/Instrumentation: 

Bioenno Power batteries offer huge favorable circumstances for controlling and charging different broadly useful and instrumentation hardware. The broadly useful gear incorporate sound enhancers, phones, PCs, versatile projectors, and so on Instrumentation gear incorporates different sorts of sensors used to screen the climate. 


LiFePO4 batteries can be joined with a sun-oriented board and sunlight based regulator. The sunlight-based board can charge the LiFePO4 battery from custom lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer while simultaneously give capacity to an electrical burden. Contrasted with lead corrosive batteries, Bioenno Power LiFePO4 batteries offer extraordinary cycle life.

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