What are the advantages of LiFePO4 battery?

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*Longer cycle life - LiFePO4 batteries offers a longer cycle life Polymer batteries. Qualified LiFePO4 cells should remain 80% DOD after 2000 cycles of charging and discharging.

*Safety and stability - LiFePO4 batteries has superior thermal and chemical stability, which provides better safety characteristics than Lithium-ion batteries with other cathode materials.


*Constant output power - LiFePO4 batteries have a very constant discharge voltage. Voltage stays close to 3.2 V during discharge until the cell is exhausted. This allows the cell to deliver virtually full power until it is discharged.

*Environmentally friendly - LiFePO4 batteries are non-toxic, non-contaminating and contain no rare earth metals, making them an environmentally conscious choice. The use of LiFePO4 also reduces the cost and environmental concerns of Lithium Cobalt cells, particularly in regards of cobalt entering the environment through improper disposal.


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