What Are The Causes of 48v 200ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Explosion?

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What Are The Causes of 48v 200ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Explosion?

There is no doubting the fact that 48v 200ah lithium ion batteries are amongst the best you will come across in the market. For instance, they are known to be a complete definition of reliability and durability. These batteries have been produced to withstand very harsh conditions. It is the reason why golf cart owners tend to be switching over to their options more than ever before. They are known to always deliver good value for money once bought. For instance, these batteries can last up to 6years when used as instructed by manufacturers. 

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Here is the major problem

Despite all the exploits of 48v 200ah lithium ion batteries that are used in golf carts, there are people who have complained of theirs exploding at some point while being used. This is a serious problem and should not be overlooked since it can bring about injuries and loss of property due to fire outbreak. 

Are you wondering what can cause a lithium ion golf cart battery to explode? Do you know that this one of the most obvious dangers of using these batteries? Trying to pay little or no attention to this problem can come back to haunt you later on. The details below are not meant to discourage you from using a li-ion battery, but to help you get the best while using them to power your golf cart. 

Battery failure

Do you know that lithium ion batteries can fail just like every other battery in the market? Initially, most people believed that this problem was only limited to lead and nickel-based batteries which is not true. Of course, these are likely to trigger explosion. However, studies are beginning to show that such can also be experienced in lithium ion batteries. For instance, there is the problem of leaking electrolyte. This is a sign that your li-ion battery has stated failing. In this case, the components that have been used in its production are no longer as reliable as they once were. 

When it comes to your li-ion battery failing with the passage of time, there are some signs that you can watch out for. Knowing these signs will ensure that you are able to keep away before any explosion accident will occur. For instance, try to find out whether the battery is beginning to show any signs of bulging. This is a sign that it will soon start failing. 

Key points to note 

• Battery failure can cause explosion. 

• When electrolyte begins to leak, there is every chance for such problem to be experienced. 

• Another sign is when your battery begins to bulge. 


Manufacturing defects

This is another cause of li-ion battery experiencing explosion after being used for some time. Many people are only concerned about their batteries performing optimally in terms of storage capacity. They ignore the problem of manufacturing defect which can prove to be very dangerous and life-threatening in the long run. The li-ion batteries used in golf carts that you will come across in the market are being manufactured differently. While some have high quality materials, others have been manufactured with inferior materials. 

Of course, you can always tell that the second set of batteries will likely experience explosion as compared to the first. For instance, their active chemicals can experience contamination which will further bring about explosion. Also, when the separator is not of high quality, explosion can occur. This is the material responsible for separation of cathode and anode. 

Naturally, these two components (cathode and anode) are not supposed to come in physical contact with each other. Anytime this happens, there is likely to be fire outbreak or even explosion. It is very crucial to always choose a battery that has been solidly built. Apart from such performing optimally in terms of powering your golf cart, your mind will be at peace. This is because your safety is guaranteed. 

Tips for buying a high quality 48v 200ah li-ion golf cart battery

• Check for materials that have been used in its construction 

• Ask the sellers some questions about the reliability of such battery

• Find out what users are saying before making a decision to buy

Buying a lithium ion battery of high quality requires that you are very diligent. Do not be carried away by the false claims that most sellers are making. 


This is one problem that most people cannot seem to understand at the moment. In case you do not know, overheating is capable of causing battery explosion. You may be wondering what kind of overheating. This is quite different from what you are thinking of at the moment. Do you remember the explanation above about cathode and anode coming in contact? One of the resulting effects is overheating. This happens when the plastic separator is becoming ineffective. That is to say, it cannot prevent both from contacting again. 

A lithium ion battery usually contain 2 electrodes – cathode (positively charged) and anode (negatively charged). Normally, positive and negative are not supposed to come in physical contact with each other. They are both responsible for your battery charging and discharging. It works the same with batteries that are in phones. 

The only difference is that while the lithium ion batteries in phones may have 6-12 cells, those contained in a golf cart could be far more than such number. It is very important to understand how the separator works. This can help you to know once there is danger. 

Here are some key points to note 

• Weak or faulty separators can cause overheating

• Cathode and anode are responsible for how your battery charges and discharges

• They (that is cathode and anode) are both positive and negative

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Having seen the above, there is no doubting the fact that you have clearly understood why most people experience 48v 200ah lithium ion battery explosion. It is a problem that you can overcome by having to closely observe how your battery is working over a given period of time. This ensures that there will not be any fear of explosion since you are already proactive. 

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