What Are The Causes of My 24V 50ah Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Packs Losing Power?

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What Are The Causes of My 24V 50ah Custom Made Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Packs Losing Power?

When it comes to 24V 50ah lithium ion golf cart batteries, there is no doubt that they have been able to make a huge statement over the years with regards to reliability and efficiency. This is one of the reasons why people have come top trust them. As a matter of fact, it has been discovered that people are making use of these batteries more than ever before. They are living up to expectations and meeting needs. As a golf cart owner, there is no need searching for which battery to purchase since li-ion batteries tick all of the right boxes. 

One thing that a 24V 50ah golf cart battery is known for happens to be its ability to retain power for minimum of 72hours. Once fully charged, these batteries can help ensure you drive such golf cart around for days without bothering about power/energy. The problem is that there are times when your battery can begin to lose power more than expected. 

This is one problem that most people have always struggled with when it comes to using their li-ion golf cart batteries as expected. It can be very frustrating to buy a golf cart battery, have it fully charged and expected it to last for days. Only to discover that its power is dropping faster than usual. 

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Here is the secret 

Are you experiencing any of the challenges mentioned above? Does your 50ah golf cart battery lose power faster than expected? There is no need to bother though since you have come to the right place where such problem will be addressed in the most effective manner. 

The major aim of this post is to reveal some of the reasons why a 24V 50ah li-ion golf cart battery will lose power faster than expected. Of course, after reading the details below, you will definitely understand how to ensure your battery is maintain the most perfect shape and condition. 

What you should understand 

There is something that most people are yet to actually understand about lithium ion golf cart batteries. This is the fact that they are just like other li-ion batteries that other gadgets use. This implies that they all follow a natural law. For instance, lithium ion batteries are always expected to discharge even without being used. This means that even when you are not using yours, it is likely to discharge. The only difference is that such discharge rate is expected to be minimal. Therefore, do not ever have the mentality that lithium ion golf cart batteries do not even discharge at all because they do. 


Do you know that temperature is responsible for a lithium battery losing its power more frequently than expected? Are you aware that when an li-ion golf cart battery remains in a place that is hot for too long, such can affect its ability to hold power for long? This is one problem that most golf cart owners are guilty of. They allow their batteries to charge under hot temperatures. The truth is that when a battery begins to feel excessive heat, it will not only start to lose power as its lifespan will also be adversely affected. 

Hot temperature can reduce the power of a battery much faster than imagined. It is the reason why you have to avoid it by all means possible. Always your 50ah lithium ion battery in a place that is warm or cold. This will make it to hold power as expected. 

Damaged components 

The components of a lithium ion golf cart battery are as important as the power it generates. The problem is that most people do not seem to give attention to how their batteries are maintained over the course of time. A battery that is well taken care of will deliver more as compared to one that is not properly maintained.  Ensure that your 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery is kept in a safe place. In other words, it should be kept away from children and harmful objects. 

There are even people who tend to fall golf cart batteries on daily basis. In this case, its power can reduce beyond your imagine. The bottom line is that it should be taken care of. There is no doubt that lithium ion battery have almost zero maintenance requirements. However, they need to be kept in the best of shape. Physical degradation can damage the components of such batteries with the passage of time. This will affect their overall performance in a negative way. 

Low quality battery 

It is true that using a 24V 50ah li-ion golf cart battery can enable you experience lots of unimaginable benefits. However, always note that such cannot be possible without purchasing the right batteries. Anything short of this means that you are still likely to experience disappointments. This is why it is very crucial to go for something of very high quality. It helps you experience the best of what such batteries have got to offer. 

The problem is that there are different types of lithium ion golf cart batteries. For instance, there are some that have leading additives. Their function is to reduce any chance of corrosion. With additives, you will not have to bother about whether your lithium golf cart battery is working under hot temperatures or not. This is because they help to negate any effect such condition can have in your performance of your battery.  

Please note that there are times when additives can work against the efficiency of a battery. It is important to always ask a seller or manufacturer how a battery functions before purchasing. This will save you from the stress of managing such problem in the long run. 

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Having seen the above facts about lithium ion golf cart batteries, it is obvious that there are certain reasons responsible for their losing power or capacities. In a situation whereby you seem to be experiencing such problem, it is recommended that you adopt the methods above to get the best in terms of performance from your battery.

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