What Are The Maintenance Techniques For 48 Volt 105Ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Deep Cycle Battery Pack?

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What Are The Maintenance Techniques For 48 Volt 105Ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Deep Cycle Battery Pack?

When it comes to extending the lifespan of a 48 Volt 105Ah lithium ion golf cart battery, most people are totally confused about what to actually do. They do not even understand how these batteries can be maintained in order to remain in the best of conditions. Of course, it does not matter how many hours or days that your li-ion battery lasts in a golf cart. This is because without the right maintenance techniques being applied, there is every chance that something will always go wrong. In other words, your battery will fail to perform optimally which will be a disappointment given that you cannot get good value for money. 

Having said the above, it is very important that your 48 Volt 105Ah lithium ion golf battery is properly maintained. This helps it to carry out its functions in the most effective manner. Have you ever used any of those batteries which lasted for 2years instead of 5years? What about the one that never retained power or charge for long as claimed by the sellers? It will shock you to find out that such may not be due to the battery being of low quality. 

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Here is the solution

There is only one way to preserve your 48 Volt 105Ah lithium ion golf cart battery. This is ensuring that it is properly maintained. Anything short of this means it will hardly last as long as expected. There is no need to bother though. This is because you have come to the right place. The major aim of this post will be to highlight some maintenance tips for your li-ion battery. Ensure to read the details below from start to finish. They will help to keep your 48 Volt 105Ah lithium ion golf cart battery in the best condition possible. 

Avoid regular charging

It is true that lithium ion batteries need to be charged after their power levels must have gone down. Be careful about this in order not to shorten its lifespan. There is something most manufacturers of li-ion batteries do not explain. This is how they have been designed to work over the years they are expected to last with regards to charging and discharging. There is always an expected amount of charging cycle they are expected to attain over the years. 

For instance, there are some that have over 1000 charging/discharge cycles. On the other hand, there are those that do not have up to 1000 discharge/charging cycles. This simply means they are expected to discharge up that number of times before charging process can commence. In other words, avoid the temptation of regularly charging your battery even when its power level has not gone down.

Every time a lithium battery is charged, it is counted as one complete charge cycle. This simply implies that your battery power is depreciating. Just be moderate in your charging. 

No extreme weather

There are two things that can easily shorten the lifespan of your 48 Volt 105Ah lithium ion golf cart battery. These are extremely cold and hot conditions. Most people know that heat can damage the battery. However, they are yet to discover the negative impact that cold can cause. It has been recommended by experts that places with temperatures which measure around 200C should not be used in storing these batteries. In a situation whereby your golf cart seems to be too hot, it is better to have such battery stored in a place that is well-ventilated. 

This is one of the reasons why your battery will not last for the expected period of time before being replaced. It has been discovered that when the temperature is extremely cold or hot, components of a lithium ion golf cart battery easily get damaged. You may not notice the negative effects at first. However, as time goes on, they will begin to surface. It is better to check where your battery is being stored on constant basis since temperature usually vary from time to time. 

Regular usage 

Have you ever thought of storing your li-ion golf cart battery without any need to make use of it for some time? Do you know that such a decision works against all the maintenance tips in the world? In other words, it can reduce the lifespan of your lithium ion battery. These batteries have been produced to power golf carts on a steady basis. There is no need allowing them to remain idle since the consequences may prove costly. 

This is one area where most people usually get it wrong. They believe that storing an li-ion battery without usage can help to ensure its lifespan is preserved. The truth about this is that you are doing the opposite without even knowing. In other words, you are killing such battery. Lithium ion golf cart batteries have been manufactured to be used on regular basis. Even if you plan to stop using yours, ensure it is charged up to a certain percentage level. In other words, the battery should not drain completely. This can affect it to a great extent.  

Protecting your battery 

The components of a 48 Volt 105Ah lithium ion golf cart battery are very crucial in lots of regards. This is why you need to ensure they do not get damaged since such can affect its lifespan too. Most people usually focus on how these batteries charge and discharge which is great. However, you need to protect its physical properties too.  

For instance, ensure that it does not fall to the ground. Also, avoid water from touching its body since such can easily penetrate into the cells thereby causing damage. The only way to avoid any kind of physical damage is keeping it safe. 

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Having seen the above, it can be said that 48 Volt 105Ah lithium ion golf cart batteries can last for a very long period of time. The only thing required of you is to ensure they are well-maintained. This will make them perform optimally thereby helping to power your golf cart whenever required.  

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