What Brand Are The Best LiFePO4 Golf Cart Batteries From Supplier or Factory?

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What Brand Are The Best LiFePO4 Golf Cart Batteries?

There has been a tremendous evolution in the gulf cart market over the years for obvious reasons. The evolution has become necessary because stakeholders are adopting golf carts with better performance. For many years, the heavily flawed lead acid batteries were the only way to get electric golf cars powered. But as lithium ion batteries became more popular with high-power applications, a good number of persons are now switching their allegiance towards the possibility of powering their golf cat with lifePO4 batteries. 

Although you can use any golf cart to go round a golf course, it is important that you use a combination that is strong enough to meet those needs. That is where you cannot do without lithium ion golf cart battery pack. They have become a worthy competitor to lead-acid batteries because they are not without some mouth-watering benefits. Here is why you should start considering 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery;

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Carrying capacity

Making a 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery to be part of your golf cart automatically increases its weight-to-performance ratio. They do not weigh as much as the usual lead-acid batteries. In fact, they weigh half as much. This is a great reduction when compared to the lead acid battery set up. The reduction in weight implies that the cart can assume higher speeds with lesser effort, also accommodating more load without inconveniencing the occupants or becoming so noticeable to them. 

Due to the said weight to performance ratio, the cart is able to lift two adults who are of average sizes alongside their playing materials. Since the lithium ion batteries are capable of maintaining voltage outputs notwithstanding the charge of the battery, the cart will still be preferred to the one that is powered with lead acid battery. These batteries do not lose their performance and voltage output the way lead acid batteries do. They still maintain that steady output voltage regardless of how long they have been used. 

Zero maintenance

This is another important factor to be considered when choosing between lead acid batteries and 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries. That is because lifepo4 golf cart batteries normally do not need any kind of maintenance to enable them perform optimally. However, that is not the case for their lead acid battery counterpart. They are expected to be checked regularly if you do not want them to drain out much sooner than expected. 

Zero maintenance for lithium ion golf cart battery pack simply means you are saved from any extra cost and man hours. Plus, since these lithium ion batteries do not have any lead acid, there will not be any chemical spills, and can only mean that your golf cart will be up and running for as much as possible. 

Battery charging speed

As long as you are using a golf cart that is electrically powered, they will need to be charged every once and again before you can use them. Charging your cart to the point where it can be comfortably used can require a bit of time and patience. If you have a second golf cart, fine. But if you do not, then you may not be able to afford such luxury. That means your cart needs to be up and running for as long as the game continues. 

A reliable golf cart needs constant speed as well as power when cruising through any golf course. Frankly, you can get all of that with lithium ion batteries. But with lead acid batteries, that is almost unachievable because the cart speed will continue to decline as the battery wears out. When the charges have gone out of the battery completely, it will take at least 8hours to charge back to full capacity while you can get eighty percent of your battery up when you are using lithium ion. 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries have proven to be more effective and more reliable on golf courses. 

Environmentally friendly

If you are looking for golf cart battery that only has a negligible effect on the environment, then you need to shift your attention to a lithium ion golf cart battery pack. They use up lesser amount of energy since they do not take that long to complete charging. They are also preferred to their lead acid counterpart for obvious reasons. Ordinarily, lead acid batteries contain lead acid which is very harmful to the environment whereas lithium ion batteries do not contain any substances that will be of harm to the environment. 

Battery cycle life

Lifepo4 golf cart batteries are known to last much longer than their lead acid counterpart. With the lithium ion design and chemistry, their batteries are bound to do more cycles. The average 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery can cycle as much as 2000 times or even up to 5000 times. That is quite distant to an average lead acid battery that only has the privilege of doing like 1000 cycles at most. 

While a lithium ion battery may appears to be more expensive at the initial time, it has a way of justifying every worth along the line. In addition to being more cost-effective, lithium ion batteries use up less energy so they would normally cost less in the long run. And please let us not forget the fact that they have a better performance rate. Therefore, lithium ion batteries are ahead of lead acid batteries in the area of battery cycle life. 

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If you were using a lead acid battery and you are looking to make the switch to any of the 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries, it is very possible for you to do so. However, in some instances you may need some extra set up to get the new lithium ion battery to fit with your cart. That is that for some scenarios. You may want to go with the 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery to see how compatible it is with your golf cart. I have a feeling everything will work out fine, and you can conveniently use your cart with the lithium ion model.

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