What Can Go Wrong With My 36v 50ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pro And Con?

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What Can Go Wrong With My 36v 50ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pro And Con?

Let us start by first establishing that lithium ion batteries are the real deal for golf cart batteries. You are probably here because you want to find out if anything could go wrong with such batteries. Well, you are just in time for a great read. Lithium ion batteries are as good as you use them. In other words, if you use them appropriately, they will be the best thing you ever purchased. But if you do otherwise, your battery may likely be dead in no time. So continue reading to find out what you ought to know about 36v 50ah Lithium ion golf cart batteries

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Efficient charging designs

There has been so much talk regarding how charging your lithium ion golf cart battery for too long will automatically damage the battery. If you have been among this group of people, it is simply because you never had the right information about such battery models. 

The 36v 50ah Lithium ion golf cart batteries have been designed with one of the most efficient charging systems. The design allows the battery to cut off charging immediately it becomes full. At 100% the design circuitry is meant to stop charging the battery while waiting for you to come and unplug it from the mains. So, in the actual sense, it is not like the battery will automatically become useless after being subjected to such situations. 

Can withstand shock

All 36v 50ah Lithium ion golf cart batteries have been uniquely designed to survive and withstand shocks from sudden falls. This attribute is not something that is common to all rechargeable battery models. Some batteries only need to fall to the ground once, and they are done for. No matter how powerful they are, they do not survive a single fall. Therefore, manufacturers will tell you to do everything possible to avoid a fall. 

You do not need to bother about falls when you are using this lithium ion battery for your golf cart. While it pays to be careful, it will not affect the battery should there be a sudden fall. They have been designed with compact structure and components that are not damaged whenever they fall.

Self-discharge rate

All rechargeable battery models have their challenge when it comes to how they self-discharge. It is a problem that has ruined the performance of some batteries. Customers had opined that a good battery should not lose any charges even when it is not in use. But somehow, battery manufacturers are still struggling with this. Ordinarily, it is almost impossible to achieve this, taking the usual battery chemistry into consideration. 

You can count yourself fortunate if you are using a 36v 50ah Lithium ion golf cart battery since they are designed with rugged features that allow them discharge their energy slowly whenever they are dormant. That is one of the features that has made them a more preferable choice to others. 

Environmental conditions matter

A lot of people whose lithium ion battery had developed one fault or other do not really know the cause of such challenges. So they probably keep repeating the same mistake over and over again. 

You need to be mindful of the environment you are using your 36v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery. There are certain environmental conditions that are unfavorable to the operations of a lithium ion battery. For instance, you can store your battery or cart in a place that is subject to extreme heat. That will affect the battery chemistry, and eventually damage it for good. 

Therefore, one way to ensure your battery works effectively and lasts you much longer is by making sure you use them in favorable environmental conditions. Standard temperatures and pressures are a good place to get started. 

Deliver power for hours

One outstanding benefit of 36v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery is that they can deliver enough power that can last you an entire golf game. You do not have to be worried or skeptical of the battery running down anytime soon when you are playing a game of golf. That is how it has been designed. 

So if you ever notice your battery running down too quickly, then you know something is definitely wrong. It could be the problem of impurities or it could be the product of a battery that has become weak. Whatever you do, please do not take this for granted because lithium ion batteries are not designed to deliver power for short periods. 

Not prone to explosions

A battery with an explosive capability can be a real challenge. You do not want to imagine the consequences that come with using such batteries. It could amount to a real disaster. However, the lithium ion battery sets have been designed to offer maximum protection against such actions. 

There is really little or no chance of this happening. There are safety components in place to protect anyone and forestall such from happening. Although you do not have to worry about such ever happening with lithium ion batteries, it does not imply that you have to be careless. 

You are still expected to observe all the necessary instructions, and use the battery with caution. That way, it will last you for as long as possible, and it will also be safe to use in the process. Your battery stands the chance of operating below its capacity when you use it outside the stipulated requirements. 

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What could ever go wrong with your 36v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery? That was an honest question. But with the article above, it is obvious that there is nothing much that could go wrong with such batteries. On the contrary, lithium ion batteries are designed with lots of benefits, with some of them being too good to be true. Therefore, if you use your batteries according to the instructions of the manufacturer, you do not have anything to worry about. Just be careful as you use it, and it will be fine. 

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