What is the average life of 36V 48V custom LiFePO4 golf cart battery pack?

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What is the average life of 36V 48V custom LiFePO4 golf cart battery pack?

The lead acids powered golf carts era left a lot to be desired. It is a shadow of what we have today. They were far from being efficient because they could not power golf carts for extended periods. Not only that, they had so many attributes that made them second fiddle for golf carts, which made them to be inefficient and unreliable. 

This post will be revealing to you among other things, why the lifepo4 golf cart batteries has become a superior option compared to any other rechargeable battery for driving carts around in golf courses. Follow the posts judiciously to find out how these items can power your golf cart better.

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Smoother charging cycles

One reason why the benefits of 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries cannot be compared with other battery models is that they are superior in terms of charging cycles. As an electrically powered car, golf carts will need to be subjected to charging almost every time before they can be used. 

Charging cycles are a big issue for lead acid batteries. They are unable to last as long as expected because the more they are charged the more their lifespans are cut short. It was that ugly development that drove lithium ion battery manufacturers to come up with their models. They made sure these batteries were an upgraded version of what has existed. They could be charged more times and steel maintain some of the attributes that have put them on top. So with 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery, you can think of your battery as being able to undertake smoother charging cycles. 

Steady voltage supply

When the game of golf persists, the intensity of the game becomes higher and players tend to be more ferocious. That is just the natural order of things. Your golf cart is expected to go with that rhythm, and not slowing down as the game progresses. That is exactly what the manufacturers of lead acid batteries never thought of or take into consideration. The lead acid batteries have the ability to reduce their supply voltage as the game wears on. The further the game stays the slower it becomes. 

This is where the lithium ion golf cart battery pack seems to be making a lot of sense at the moment. Even if it is left with the last ounce of power to deliver, the voltage still remains constant. They are not influenced by the number of charging cycles or even by how long you have used them on the course. Anytime you press the power button, a lithium ion battery golf cart is going to move, and do so at the steady voltage. 

No deep cycle charging 

For so many reasons, lead acid batteries did not measure up to what users would have wanted. There are so many undesirable qualities about the product, and frankly, producers could do very little or nothing about it. That was the chemistry of lead acid batteries and nothing was going to change that. 

Deep cycle charging was a real issue with lead acid batteries. For this reason it took longer period to get the battery ready for use. Somehow that characteristics made the battery less suitable for a golf course. It was only a matter of time before lithium ion battery was going to be introduced to correct some of those anomalies. Thankfully, the 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery was good enough to fill that gap. Zero deep charging meant you could use the golf cart more times because it was going to take shorter times to get it up and running. No doubt, with the lithium ion battery model, your golf cart will be more available for the esteemed sports. 

Cheaper cost

A lot of people have gotten this wrong from the word go. At face value lead acid batteries appeared to be cheaper, whereas their counterpart lithium ion battery seem to be more expensive. If we look at the cost of purchasing both batteries, you would equally say the latter is more expensive. But what we fail to realize is the long-term cost required to maintain both batteries. While one of them required heavy maintenance to produce optimal voltage, the other worked just fine without any form of maintenance. 

Maintenance is something that has to be carried out with money. It is not going to be done free of charge. So if you are going to be using a lead acid battery, you would be spending more money in the long run. There is no two ways about it. When you input maintenance into the cost equation, you would discover that lithium ion batteries do cost lesser than the other forms of batteries in the market. You can use your 36V Lithium Golf Cart Battery without having to break your head over how it will be maintained in the long run. 

Which one is preferred?

If you have read up to this point and still confused, it is probably because you have not been privileged to use lithium ion batteries. These batteries may have arrived after others did, but they are certainly changing everything we know about rechargeable batteries. In terms of performance and some other parameters, these batteries have led the way and seemed to have remained at the top of the summit for much longer than anyone had expected. 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries are clear favorites when it comes to cruising round the golf course. 

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Perfection can sometimes be far-fetched, which means there is no need trying to settle for that. No system is perfect, and that is what is applicable to all technologies. But for better performance and longevity, 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery is apparently a better choice. That one is not a topic that is up for a debate. Therefore, if you want to maximize the use of your golf cart, these lithium ion batteries are the way to go. Let us never forget that.

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