What Is The Best Way To Charge A 36Volts or 48 Volts 100AH Custom Made Lithium Ion Battery Packs?

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Lithium ion batteries are among the best battery breeds in the world right now. Not only have they surpassed users expectations, but they have equally broken almost all the limitations that formerly existed with rechargeable batteries. Lithium ion batteries had remarkable features that immediately put them on the spotlight post-their introduction into the community of battery users. 

But besides their superior qualities, lithium ion batteries are to be used properly so they can last the user for a long time. As such, this post will be informing you on the several ways through which 48 Volts 100AH Lithium Ion Battery could be bettered regarding charging techniques. 

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Avoid overcharging 

This is about the fastest way to send your 48 Volts 100AH Lithium Ion Battery to its early grave. Battery circuitries in devices are not yet designed to stop charging when they get to the highest level. As devastating as this act is, you still find many people who indulge in it. To some, that is the only way to keep the battery charged, as well as maintain its power for effective usage. 

Overcharging is bad and it can lead to your lithium ion battery depleting much faster than it should. Desist from allowing your battery go into that level of overcharging. It has nothing good to offer to your lithium ion battery. Nothing but causing it unnecessary damages and reducing its lifespan. 

No deep cycle charging

Nothing kills a 48 Volts 100AH Lithium Ion Battery faster than allowing it to drain completely before it charges. This is a system of charging that was effective with other batteries. While it worked fine with battery models in the past, it has been considered as highly detrimental to how lithium ion batteries are now used. Never subject your battery to any deep cycle charging if it is a lithium ion product. According to various manufacturers, there are safe limits within which you can use your battery, and charge it when it gets to that level. Read through your battery user manual and discover what those safe limits are. But whatever you do, desist from allowing your battery drain completely before charging. It does not work with lithium products. 

No overnight charging

Anything that will make you want to charge your lithium ion battery try to avoid it. Most times you do not get to stay awake to monitor your battery as it charges overnight. Charging your battery all through the night for obvious reasons may seem like a good idea to you. Unfortunately, it is not. That will only cut short the life of the battery because it will be sent into overcharge 99% of the time. If you do have constant power, you should learn to charge your battery in the day time instead. That will be of a greater significance to you. Charging your battery all through the night should only be adopted by people in areas where steady power is a problem. In such instances, one can understand even though the battery life will be affected also. 

Environmental conditions

In the quest for a better battery charging system, a lot of things are to be considered and taken seriously. As a matter of fact, you do not have to leave anything to chance if you want to get the best of your 48V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery. Even something as small as the condition of the environment is also to be given due consideration. Lithium ion batteries are known to become bad over a period of if they are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. According to various instructions, these batteries are not to be charged in extreme temperatures. Whether cold or hot, extreme temperatures will only ruin the battery life. 

Thus, the only way to ensure your battery lasts long is by charging it under the right environmental conditions. This indirectly means that you should not keep your battery close to anything that is very hot or very cold. If you choose to charge it under such conditions, you will not be helping the battery eventually. Always have this at the back of your mind when using any lithium ion product, and your battery will end up lasting you for a very long time. 

Normal current and voltage

You want to think that your battery can be charged with any current and voltage value. This is another misconception that has buried many batteries before their time. When you employ low voltage and current in charging your lithium ion battery, it could affect the way it works. For starters, it will not charge as though it had been charged with the required voltage and current. In case you are not aware, a 48 Volts 100AH Lithium Ion Battery has been designed to charge with a specific voltage and current value. 

Do not force your battery to charge under circumstances for which it is not designed to work with. That will be putting too much stress on the battery, and the whole process can backfire. Allow the battery to be charged under the full voltage and current situations. 

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Lithium ion batteries are like every other normal item. If you do not use them within the manufacturer instructions, you are likely to damage the battery. This is not something that requires any super racking of your brain. Use it outside the way the manufacturers want it to be used, then you should be getting ready to replace the battery soon. It will only be a matter of time. On this post, we have been told a couple of things that can shorten the longevity of our battery life. From overcharging to charging under extreme temperature conditions, anything can damage your battery. Thankfully, we equally looked at other more subtle things like the right voltage and current values. If we have not learned anything in this post, we must gathered that the lifespan of any lithium ion battery has a lot to do with how well it is maintained and used.

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