What Is The Difference Between 48V Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack And Lead-Acid Battery Pack?

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What Is The Difference Between 48V Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack And Lead-Acid Car Battery Pack?

The world appears to be moving away from faulty rechargeable batteries to more reliable alternatives. Lithium ion battery products have enjoyed a comfortable position as the new type of rechargeable batteries. They have enjoyed a good level of patronage because of how they make up for some of the shortcomings that have limited lead-acid batteries in the past. 

If you have come to know why you should buy a 48V Lithium Golf Cart battery in place of a lead-acid battery, then you have come to the right place. This write-up will be comprehensively explaining everything that you should know in this regard;

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A 48V Lithium Golf Cart battery is different from a lead-acid batteries on so many fronts, but we are going to kick-start things with this simple one. One of the initial things that troubled lead-acid batteries manufacturers was how to safely get rid of them. This was a serious issue because it was causing the environment some serious harm. The content of the battery was like poison to the surroundings. In other words, lead acid batteries were harmful at the time. Lead is a poisonous substance that should be handled with great caution. 

The manufacturers of lithium ion battery quickly got the nod of customers and environmental experts because of the non-harmful nature of their products. It was a huge sigh of relief knowing that these effective and reliable batteries can be safely gotten rid of after usage. Plenty thanks to the chief material through which they are being produced – lithium.

How they are charged

There are a lot of things that help take the shine away from lead-acid batteries. Previously, they were the center of attraction. Everybody simply preferred them until users began to spot unpleasant features about them. One of the disadvantages of the lead-acid batteries was how they got charged. They required what was known as deep cycle charging to get maximum power. As good as this process was, it equally came with one or two shortcomings. 

But thankfully, the 48V Lithium Golf Cart battery was one battery product that was able to go around those issues. You do not need to subject it to any form of deep cycle charging before the battery life can be sustained. Their electrolyte does not need such charging processes to offer you good power. For sake of clarity, you can get optimal power from lithium ion batteries when you stick with partial charging. 

Ultra-fast charging

Lithium ion batteries are becoming widespread among handheld devices and a host of other equipment. The 48V Lithium Golf Cart battery happens to be a classic example of this illustration. These batteries are now preferable because of how fast they are known to charge. It does not take a regular lithium battery that is designed for golf carts to charge up to the maximum value. 

With just a couple of hours charging, they are ready to be used for a considerable time. That means you can expect to use them as soon as possible regardless of how you intend to use your golf cart. Lithium ion batteries are continuing to reshape how we think about rechargeable batteries. Many more designs are emerging, and these new products seem to do better than their predecessors. You can only continue to hope for the best when it comes to lithium ion batteries in the aspect of fast-charging. They are simple unbeatable!

Adequate protection

It will be hard for you to experience any kind of mishap when you are using the 48V Lithium Golf Cart battery due to how it has been designed in the area of safety. What would have looked like a disadvantage for lithium ion batteries literally spurred producers into thinking of how they could come out with super products. Eventually they did, and one of those products is what you get in the model described above. 

Due to the nature of lithium and some unpleasant experiences that have occurred in the past, today lithium batteries have been systematically designed to offer you the best protection. The implication of this development is that you can use your golf cart anywhere anytime and you would not have to bother about any explosions happening. Even if there will be any mishap with lithium ion batteries, their designs ensure that the user does not get harmed in the process. 

Last longer when not in use

Allowing a lead-acid battery to stay for an extended period without using it is the same as sentencing that battery to its early grave. A lot of rechargeable batteries happen to fall into this category. Keeping them away without using them is as good as killing them. 

Lithium ion batteries have taken a contrary path to this end. Several tests and uses have made experts to conclude that they are better off when you compare them to their lead-acid counterpart. There are conditions you can even stick to aid your battery in overcoming such pitfalls. For instance, if you have a 48V Lithium Golf Cart battery, you just need to ensure it is properly charged before you keep it away. That is one of the tricks that can help your battery sustain a healthy life even when it is not in use. 

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Lithium ion battery products is the song everybody is singing in the rechargeable users community. Is it possible for this trend to change anytime soon? Although it is possible for anything to happen in life, the lithium ion battery trend thing might be lasting a bit longer than we all think. So if you have got a 48V Lithium Golf Cart battery, I bet you are convinced it is one of the best products ever. They are a lot better than the old-fashioned lead-acid batteries on several fronts. We have had to look at some of those distinguishing features in our write-up. In summary, the 48V Lithium Golf Cart battery is nothing close to lead-acid batteries. They are much better in every sense!

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