What Is The Difference Between A 36V Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack And A 48v Customized Lithium Battery Pack?

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What Is The Difference Between A 36V Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack And A 48v Customized Lithium Battery Pack?

There have been lots of arguments amongst people about 48V lithium batteries and 36V lithium ion golf cart batteries over the years. While some people believe both batteries are one and the same in terms of features and functionalities, there are groups of people who are of the opposite opinion. In other words, they believe both golf cart batteries are not the same in any way. A controversy such as this has led most people to make the wrong decisions when it comes to whether they should make use of 48V lithium batteries or lithium ion batteries in their golf carts.  

Are you amongst those who have been talked about above? Do you know there is a difference between 48V lithium golf cart batteries and 36V lithium ion golf cart batteries? Of course, most people believe that both batteries are one and the same thing but they are not in any way. Lacking the right knowledge about what differentiates them can cause you to make the wrong battery choice for your golf cart today. 

The good part is that you will discovering what makes 48V lithium battery and lithium ion batteries quite different in golf carts. There is no doubting the fact that after reading the facts of this post, you will be able to make a much better choice about the right battery that will be perfect for your golf cart. 

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Are they actually different?

Just as said above, these batteries are different in lots of regards. Despite their differences, they are being used in various electronics and gadgets today more than ever before apart from golf carts. For instance, lithium batteries are known as primary cell batteries. In other words, they cannot be charged after being used. They are expected to be replaced once their battery life completely drains down. Simply put, lithium batteries do not get charged once they have been used. Have you ever seen any of those batteries that does not require to be recharged? That is to say, it does not have rechargeable feature? Such is a typical example of lithium battery at work. 

On the other hand, lithium golf cart batteries do not have primary cells like their above counterparts. Instead, they have what is known as secondary cells. This enables them to be reused after being charged. When a lithium ion battery runs down, you can easily have it charged and reused over and over again. Apart from being used in golf carts, li-ion batteries are increasingly becoming very popular in the world of electronics today. For instance, they are being used in different gadgets and devices as compared to the past. Of course, one of the benefits they have been known to provide is helping to optimize the performances of such device.   

While the anode in lithium golf cart batteries are gotten from metal lithium, li-ion (lithium ion) batteries contain electrodes that have been made from carbon as well as lithium. From this explanation, one fact has become obvious about 36V lithium ion golf cart batteries. This is the fact that they are an extension of lithium batteries in terms of features and functionalities. In other words, they are more reliable and efficient when it comes to making golf carts work as expected. 

As a matter of fact, lithium golf cart batteries are disposable by nature. This means after using them for some years, you may not find any use for them again. This means they will have to be dumped or replaced by another battery. It is one of the reasons why most companies are beginning to fancy the option of 36V lithium ion golf cart batteries in recent years. Once their power drains, they can be recharged again instead of being replaced. 

Their components 

Lithium ion battery seem to be a little bit more technical than lithium golf cart batteries which were once used in the past. This could be due to how they have been built or structured to function. For instance, they contain cells and other components which can hardly be found in a conventional lithium battery. For instance, they have components which are solely responsible for regulating of battery level charge, temperature, and voltage. This is one of the reasons why they are probably the best option when it comes to what can power your golf cart without any complaint or compromise. 

Although 36V lithium ion golf cart batteries will lose about 5% of power when not used, they are a guaranteed option that will meet your needs anytime. This is because of their powerful feature. For instance, you will use them for 5years before they can finally be replaced. This means all through such timespan, they will be recharged for usage which is quite an impressive technology. 

Do you want to know another aspect that makes them very special? Such is the fact that they are can still be put to other uses when removed from your golf cart. For instance, they can be used as source of energy to power devices in your home. This is why they are a much better option as compared to lithium ion batteries. 

Which of them is better? 

There was a time when lithium golf cart batteries where the best option. They were seen as the best technology that could meet the needs of golf cart owners back then. However, technology has improved since then and the advent of lithium ion batteries tend to offer much advanced as well as better features. 

For instance, they can hold power for a very long period of time. Also, they can be recharged and reused after power drops. These features alone has saved users thousands of dollars in the long run. Furthermore, 36V lithium ion golf cart batteries are rugged and reliable. They have been built to withstand harsh conditions which is something lithium golf cart batteries had always struggle with in the past. 

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Having said the above, it is obvious that there is a clear difference between 48V lithium batteries and 36V lithium ion golf cart batteries. Their potentials and features are very much different.   

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