What Is The Safest Way of Charging A 72 volt 400ah Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack?

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What Is The Safest Way of Charging A 72 volt 400ah Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack?

72 volt 400ah Lithium ion batteries are considered to more reliable and durable as compared to other forms of batteries which have been used before in golf carts. They have succeeded in doing one thing over the years which is meeting needs in the most effective manner without any compromise. As a matter of fact, it is the reason why experts concluded that they have been a revolution in the electronics industry in recent times. Apart from being used in golf carts, they are used in electric vehicles which move down the roads of major countries around the world.  

However, always remember that for your 72 volt 400ah lithium ion golf cart batteries to be reliable and function optimally, how they are charged is very crucial. As simple as this may sound, it can shorten the lifespan of a battery far beyond what you must have imagined. Are you struggling to charge your li-ion golf cart battery the right way? 

In case this has been a challenge to you over the years, there is no need to bother again. This post will be revealing how to charge a 72 volt 400ah lithium ion golf cart battery the safest way. Please ensure to read the details below from start to finish. This is because it will determine the lifespan of your battery to a great extent. In other words, giving it full attention can help ensure your li-ion battery works as expected. 

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Safe charging 

It is true that you charge li-ion golf cart batteries on regular basis. However, there is also the question of whether you are charging it the right way or not. It has been discovered that most people do not even understand how to charge these batteries the right way. It is possible you are charging it and the battery tends to be performing as expected. However, such does not mean it is the being charged the right way. For instance, the place your 72 volt 400ah golf cart li-ion battery is charged cannot be ignored in any way. This is because it can preserve its lifespan or shorten it as time goes on. 

An obvious case or instance is when the battery is charged in a place that is hot. This is a problem that most people do not understand how to solve at the moment. Hot temperatures are not healthy for lithium golf cart batteries. Ensure that temperature does not rise above 250C. One of the problems of heated temperature is that the battery can explode or even become inflammable which will lead to injury eventually. 

The bottom line here is ensuring that your li-ion battery is being charged in a place that is cool. If you have to drive the golf cart to such place, do it without hesitation. Apart from li-ion batteries, other batteries are usually affected by heated temperature. Ignoring this tip can lead to other complications will affect how your battery works in the long run. 

Partial charge

This is another way of ensuring that your 400ah golf cart battery is properly charged. It was discovered in a study that most golf cart owners like the idea of charging their golf cart batteries to the fullest percentage. In other words, they prefer situations of ensuring their batteries are completely charged. Do you know that this is only a trap to shorten the lifespan of such battery? Are you aware that such can make you not to enjoy the features and functionalities of such battery in the long run? 

This is one of the major mistakes that golf cart drivers usually make. As a matter of fact, there is something you have not understood about these batteries. It is the fact that they have charging and discharge cycles. These are the number of times or rates that they are expected to charge and discharge over the years. This is the factor responsible for making them last up to 5years before replacement will be required. 

This is very important and should not be ignored for any reason. Ensure that your lithium ion golf cart battery is always partially charged. In other words, do not attempt to charge it to its fullest percentage. A strategy like this can help ensure it lasts as long as expected without disappointing you. 

For instance, if your 72 volt 400ahh li-ion battery is being charged, there is no need trying to charge it up to 100%. Instead, you can decide to have it charged up to around 80-90%. This may sound weird but it can help to keep such battery in a very good shape. 

Allowing it to discharge

This is one of the reasons why most 72 volt 400ah lithium ion golf cart batteries do not last as long as their owners expect. Just like the charging idea discussed above, this is one is very crucial and should not be ignored in any way. It has been discovered by experts that most users of li-ion golf cart batteries do not allow them to discharge before considering the option to charge. Do you know that such action can kill a battery faster than imagined?  

The truth is that golf cart batteries are expected to discharge before being recharged again. This should be your normal practice instead of trying to allow it discharge partially before charging. In the same vein, avoid a situation whereby your golf cart battery discharges completely. This will not help it to last as long as expected. 

Just as mentioned above, lithium batteries usually have discharge and charging cycles. For instance, some have over 1000 charging cycles. This means they are expected to be charged over 1000 times before their power will begin to drop. Such is the reason why you need to ensure yours discharges to a reasonable percentage before initiating a process of charge. 

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Based on the above details, it can be seen that li-ion batteries need some special techniques and strategies to charge effectively. The tips that have been shared will definitely ensure your battery is in the best of shape.   

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