What Is The Safest Way of Using A Deep Cycle 48v 60ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery?

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What Is The Safest Way of Using A Deep Cycle 48v 60ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery?

There is no doubting the fact that a 48v 60ah lithium ion golf cart battery has been built to standard. This is probably why they have been very reliable and durable for users over the years. These batteries are solid and can last for a very long period of time before being discarded by their users. Even after being removed from a golf cart, it is still possible to use your battery for other purposes which is quite rare. Such is only a proof of how reliable it can be when put to use.   

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Here is the problem of these batteries

Talking about reliability, a 48v 60ah lithium ion golf cart battery can only function properly when you make use of it in a certain way. It is true that they are very rugged. However, such does not mean they do not have any rules regarding their being put to various uses. The truth is that if you really want a lithium ion golf cart battery to deliver as expected, there are some special ways that it can be put to use. 

Here is what you do not know

Do you have a li-ion golf cart battery but do not know how to use it safely? Are you aware that some methods of usage can shorten its lifespan? This means that it will not last as long as expected. There are also ways of using it to ensure safety. All of these will be discussed in this post today. You will be discovering the best and safest ways of using a 48v 60ah lithium ion golf cart battery. These ideas may be simple but they can help ensure your battery remains 100% intact/active.  

Avoid short circuiting issue. This is the major reason responsible for golf cart lithium ion batteries exploding and causing injuries. Sometimes, people are very careless that they do not want to believe these batteries can explode. Li-ion golf cart batteries may be durable and strong. However, such does not mean they do not explode due to some errors from users or manufacturers. The problem of short circuiting is very common with 48v 60ah li-ion golf cart batteries. It is a result of a contact between the positive and negative components of your battery. 

When this happen, there is likely going to be explosion thereby damaging the battery components and causing injuries in severe cases. It is possible to avoid this problem to some extent while using your 48v 60ah lithium ion golf cart batteries. Below are some things you can do:

• Avoid usage of your golf cart battery during storms

• Ensure it is properly checked before usage

• If you notice any irregular activity while using such battery, do not hesitate to call a repairer to check out the problem

• Regular inspection of the golf cart battery is strongly recommended

Partial discharge should be allowed. Most of the time, you are forced to believe that it is right to charge a lithium ion golf cart battery to its fullest. In other words, you always want to ensure it is charged up to 100%. While this is good since such battery capacity can last for longer hours, there are implications/repercussions. In the same vein, it is not recommended to allow a battery drain completely. Its power should not finish completely before being recharged again. This is what is referred to as partial discharge. Full discharge is not a safe way of using your battery. 

As a matter of fact, every time a full discharge is allowed in a 48v 60ah golf cart lithium ion battery, there is always the tendency of its power reducing. For instance, if has been serving for 7hours, such can reduce to 6hours and 45mins. It will be reducing gradually which is why full discharge is not allowed. Once your 48v 60ah li-ion battery is remaining 20%, ensure to have it recharged again for usage. 

Key notes to remember:

• Never charge a golf cart battery to its fullest 

• Each time your battery is allowed to discharge fully, its power reduces

• Do not charge your li-ion golf cart battery up to 100%

Storing when not being used. There are people who usually believe that lithium ion golf cart batteries can remain in one place even when not used. This is not correct in any way as these batteries need to be stored correctly. It is only natural that your golf cart will not be used all the time. The question therefore is that how will its battery be stored for preservation purpose? It is very wrong leaving it inside the golf cart. This is because its power/capacity can reduce with the passage of time. 

The best thing to do is take out of the golf cart and store in a place that is maintaining room temperature. Another thing to do is ensuring the battery is always charged after some time. This greatly depends on the time you will be spending away from your golf cart. For instance, if you plan not to use it for around 3months, it is recommended that the battery is charged after 2weeks. This will make it maintain a perfect and healthy state. 

Key notes you should remember

• Lithium ion golf cart batteries can discharge when not in use 

• Always store them at room temperature

• Charge after 14days when the golf cart is not used   

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Naturally, every 48v 60ah lithium ion golf cart battery will eventually die. There is no amount of safety measures you put in place that can prevent this from happening. Also, it does not really matter whether they are of high or low quality. It is always a matter of sooner or later. In other words, it is a question of when your battery will be finally replaced. However, the above tips are ways to ensure your golf cart battery is safely put to use. These will definitely ensure such battery is in good shape at all times.

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