What should be done when China custom made lithium ion batteries packs for electric cars catch fire?

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What should be done when China custom made lithium ion batteries packs for electric cars catch fire?

Lithium ion batteries packs are popular, but there are times where safety can be an issue. Choosing the right manufacturer can avert failure because of the inbuilt BMS that can limit the chances of failure. Also, the right manufacturer uses the right manufacturing practices, which further reduces the chances of battery failure.

Some manufacturers use low-quality components, which could lead to failures once the product hits the market. This is done to meet demand and give fair prices to the users.

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BMS systems are very critical to the performance and safety of batteries. This ensures that the battery pack does not operate outside the safety area. Batteries are high-value components in vehicles or storage systems, so investing in the best is critical.

Things to do in case of fire

If lithium ion batteries overheat, it helps keep the device away from any flammable materials and cut the supply. If in a vehicle, it is important to evacuate and don't attempt to extinguish the fire alone. Safety and health are important, and one should involve emergency services at once.

A BC or ABC chemical extinguisher has to be used if a fire occurs since such fires are class B fires. There is a misconception that these batteries have actual lithium metal. However, this is not right, and that's why a class D extinguisher should never be used.

There are improved and newer ways of dousing lithium fires. Aqueous vermiculite dispersion is an extinguishing agent that usually disperses exfoliated vermiculite in a mist. However, larger fires like the case of ESS and EVs may need to burn out. Water with copper can also be used, but it can be rather costly. Large lithium-ion fires could burn for many days, and they should be isolated to prevent any expansion.

Upholding battery safety

Battery makers should adopt a no-compromise approach to ensure safety. The batteries can be made smart to ensure safety. A layer of intelligence can go a long way. With such installations, predicting and diagnosing abnormal performance or use becomes easy. This allows timely action to be taken, and the system is protected against damage.

Since fires can cause damage not only to the battery but also to the device, precautions should be taken at all times. Fires can also cause damage to other things surrounding the battery and can lead to loss of life depending on the magnitude. Explosions can also be damaging to a great extent. EV batteries are usually high voltage and high capacity. Failure can, therefore, cause greater damage than other batteries.

One of the best ways to avert the fire issue is to pick batteries carefully. There are many manufacturers in the market today. However, not all of them create the same quality batteries. Some look for shortcuts that could compromise the battery quality.

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