Why 48v 94ah Samsung Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Are Considered The Best?

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Why 48v 94ah Samsung Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Are Considered The Best?

The headlines which 48v 94ah Samsung li-ion golf cart batteries are beginning to make in recent times have been nothing short of impressive. Formerly, most golf cart owners used to prefer lead-acid batteries. Of course, they felt that such option was very reliable and could meet their needs without any compromise. However, the advent of li-ion batteries has managed to change the whole scenario. Based on this, it can be said that lead-acid batteries are beginning to take the back stage. Is this really the end of such batteries? There is every reason to believe such since golf cart owners cannot seem to have enough of li-ion batteries.  

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Facts to discover about li-ion batteries

If you are not aware, 48v 94ah Samsung Li-ion batteries used in golf carts are highly rated. As a matter of fact, there are many people who have started switching over to using them in recent times. The major question is what has made these batteries very popular? That is to say, why are they are being considered the best amongst other batteries? 

Have you been amongst the people asking such questions? Have you noticed that the popularity of these batteries which are used in golf carts does not know any bounds? This article will revealing why they are the best. 

What you should know

When it comes to batteries standing out, there is something that is always responsible for such. This is their features. Simply put, the major reason why 48v 94ah li-ion batteries are being considered as the best amongst golf cart owners is their features. They are built to include some premium features which normal lead-acid and other batteries lack right now. In order to make you know much better, the details below will be focusing on explaining some of the most outstanding features of a Samsung lithium ion battery that is used in golf carts.

Low maintenance is required. This is one of the reasons why most golf owners started preferring li-ion batteries to traditional lead-acid batteries which had occupied the main stage over the years. The problem with them was that high level of maintenance to keep them in the best of conditions was required. For instance, users had to ensure the water level for lead-acid batteries was intact. Of course, when these batteries are short of water, there is every tendency for them to die fast. This was one challenge that golf cart owners had to deal with for years. 

However, the emergence of such batteries changed all of such to a great extent. For instance, they required little or no maintenance to function perfectly. This means users will not have to rack their brains on how such batteries can remain operational. Imagine having the privilege of using a battery without bothering about its condition. 

Here are some tips to keep a 48v 94ah Samsung lithium ion battery working at all times

• Store it in a cool place 

• Charge as instructed by manufacturers 

• Ensure it does not discharge to zero percent before charging

• Avoid getting it punctured

Longevity. This is another aspect where Samsung lithium ion golf cart batteries are proving to be superior when compared to other options available you will come across. Most batteries will not last you beyond 3years. However, li-ion batteries have been a complete revolution since coming into existence. Do you know that these batteries have been built to last up to 7years? The best part is that just as explained above, they will not need any maintenance routine to last up to such time. 

The only thing that you want to ensure in order to make it last is paying attention to its charging and discharging instructions. Of course, how a battery will last in the coming years is always determined by whether you will follow instructions from its manufacturers strictly or not. Li-ion batteries are very perfect when it comes to offering you good value for money. Just as highlighted in the above section, they will last for a very long period of time before being replaced if you can maintain them very well.  

Environmental Impact. It is very amazing to find out that li-ion batteries have minimal impact on the environment yet deliver optimum performance. As compared to other batteries, you do not have to bother about any danger that it creates in the environment while being put to use. This is due to how they have are designed. According to experts, they are the perfect fossil fuel alternatives which people can explore without having to fear about long adverse effects on their surroundings. 

Also, they are safe when it comes to dangers of explosion. These batteries have been designed with some of most advanced and latest technologies you can think of. Therefore, there is minimal chance of explosion or fire outbreak occurring. 

In order to avoid any problem of fire outbreak, do the following:

• Avoid puncturing your battery 

• Check its components regularly to know whether there is any chance of short circuiting occurring

• Avoid storing in heated places 

Rechargeable features 

In case you do not know, such batteries have been very popular in recent times due to their rechargeable features. With this, you can make use of them for days or even weeks in your golf cart before bothering about having them charged again. Studies have shown that batteries with rechargeable features do last more than regular batteries. This is because they do not require constant charging to work. 

For best results while using a Samsung lithium ion golf cart battery, it is recommended that you have proper knowledge of how your battery should discharge and be recharged. This will help ensure it lasts for minimum of 5years before getting replaced. 

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Having said the above, it is very obvious that li-ion batteries for golf carts are considered special due to some important reasons/features. It is therefore recommended that you start considering how to start using one today in order to experience its benefits firsthand. They are the future of golf carts.

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