Why are Lithium ion Forklift Batteries Packs Safe and Worth the Extra Cost

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Why are Lithium ion Forklift Batteries Packs Safe and Worth the Extra Cost

As motorised vehicles handle heavy loads, forklifts must not only prioritise operational efficiency but safety too. There have been several cases of fatalities and serious injuries associated with forklift accidents.

Most of the time, safety issues arise not due to product mishandling but because of malfunctioning units. The battery powering the motor could be one of them. The shift to lithium-ion batteries, has to a certain extent, helped make forklifts safer.

This article discusses why a lithium ion forklift battery is a safer option over its lead acid counterparts.

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No Watering for Lithium-Ion Batteries

To start with, batteries demand careful handling because they contain reactive materials. In traditional lead acid batteries, the cells are immersed in an electrolyte containing parts of sulphuric acid and water. Lead acid batteries must be topped up regularly to ensure they retain their electric charging capacity. 

There are risks. Being corrosive, the electrolyte can cause serious harm if it comes in contact with the skin and eyes.

The cells in a lithium-ion forklift battery are sealed. They dispense with the need for watering and hence do away with the risks associated with it too. 

Reduced Risk of Overheating 

Overcharging is one of the commonly associated problems with lead acid batteries. It causes the electrolyte solution to overheat emitting gases such as hydrogen and oxygen. This increases the pressure inside the battery. 

Every battery has a mechanism to release and prevent excessive gas build up. However, if uncontrolled, there are chances of the battery exploding. 

Explosions can cause serious injury to attendants, not to forget the damage it could cause to your property. Thus lead-acid batteries demand careful monitoring and a dedicated, well-ventilated space. 

Lithium-ion forklift batteries, on the other hand, are low maintenance.  They feature a Battery Management System (BMS) which keeps a check on the temperatures and alerts when it crosses the safe threshold. Of course, one must follow the general precautions such as keeping away from inflammable materials, but beyond that, lithium-ion batteries are much safer. 

Reduces the Probability of Accidents 

Unlike lithium ion forklift batteries, lead-ion batteries require a separate charging station. To add, they must be removed to be charged. With a shorter per-charge life, that works out to several times in a single shift or day. 

Batteries are heavy. Removing and reinstalling batteries can cause injury such as accidental battery drops or attendants getting trapped under heavy weights and fallen equipment or vehicles. 

This doesn't happen in the case of lithium-ion batteries as they need not be removed to be charged. Besides, lithium-ion batteries weigh less than their lead acid counterparts. 

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Better Performers 

Battery performance is directly related to how long the battery lasts on a single charge and how long it takes to recharge. Lead acid batteries run out of energy within 6 hours and require another 8 hours to refuel. A lithium ion battery takes a maximum 3 hours for a complete recharge and works 7-8 hours before requiring a charge. 

Thus, if your facility works multiple shifts employing multiple forklift machines, you will get better value from a lithium ion battery, rather than a lead-acid variant. 

So, choose a 36v or 48v lithium ion forklift battery to boost operational efficiency and ensure the safety of your workers. 

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