Why Custom Made Lithium Ion Battery Pack For Electric Utility Vehicles UTV Are The Future?

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Why Custom Made Lithium Ion Battery Pack For Electric Utility Vehicles UTV Are The Future?

There is no doubting the fact that the era of lead acid and other conventional batteries are slowly phasing out. Although these batteries have managed to meet the needs and expectations of end-users over the years, you will agree that technology is constantly evolving. Due to this development and innovation, they have been relegated to the background. For instance, lead acid batteries are known to experience failure too easily.

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There is also the issue of gassing – oxygen and hydrogen evolution. Finally, their lifespan has been questioned by experts in recent times. Putting all of these together, you can tell that the automobile industry (utility vehicles) has been yearning for something better.

Here Is The Solution

In order to address the problems that conventional batteries used in utility vehicles are experiencing, a lithium-ion battery has been brought into existence. Believe it or not, these batteries have been regarded by many experts as the future. This is because it has proven to be an upgrade of what traditional batteries have got to offer.

Are you wondering what makes a lithium ion battery for Electric Utility Vehicles special? Do you know that with an li-ion battery, it is very possible to get good value for money? This post will be revealing some of the reasons why these batteries are being labeled as future of the automobile industry.

They Are Eco-Friendly

The world is gradually moving towards an eco-friendly environment. As the years are going by, there are lots green innovations to support such decision. One of the such innovations has been a lithium ion battery for Electric Utility Vehicles. The truth is that these batteries have proven to be much safer. For instance, they are less toxic as compared to lead acid and other conventional batteries used in utility vehicles.

If you are really serious about supporting the struggle for a greener environment, there are lots of reasons to start considering exploring the option of li-ion batteries. Statistics are showing that fossil fuels are doing more damage than imagined.  For instance, in 2018, it was discovered that fossil fuel made up more than 80% of CO2 emission. Whenever it is being burnt by utility vehicles, nitrogen oxides will be released into the atmosphere. This leads to the formation of acid rain and smog.

Some important points to note

• lithium ion battery for Electric Utility Vehicles is more eco-friendly than most batteries

• Li-ion batteries are great alternatives to fossil fuel and lead acid batteries

• Lithium ion batteries do contain too much toxic metals which can lead to pollution

• They are safe to be used in homes and other environments

They Are Lightweight & Compact

Have you ever tried to carry a lead acid battery before? You would notice straightway that it is very heavy. The truth is that although no one talks about this, it can impact the overall performance of utility vehicles in many ways. Today, vehicles being manufactured tend to have very limited space for big batteries like these. This is why you need something compact and lightweight.

A Lithium Ion Battery For Electric Utility Vehicles has been manufactured to meet the demands of modern users of utility vehicles. There is absolutely no need to be worried because its performance will not be affected. Despite being lightweight and compact, li-ion batteries are atop the list when it comes to optimum performances.

Studies carried out in Illinois University revealed that although these batteries are 30times smaller, they are more than 1000 times more powerful as compared to traditional lead acid batteries.

Key points to note    

• The average measurement of li-ion batteries are length of 20mm and 3.65mm diameter

• Li-ion batteries are perfect for both modern and old utility vehicles

• Despite their small size and lightweight, they are extremely powerful

Low Maintenance

This is another area or aspect where a Lithium Ion Battery For Electric Utility Vehicles has proven to be more superior when compared to its counterparts in the market. If you can remember vividly, lead acid batteries require high level of maintenance to be in great shape. Anything short of this means it may not deliver as expected. For instance, water has proven to be a major part of how these batteries function.

It means users will have to take note of what water has to be added or changed to enable it function optimally. The good part is that li-ion batteries have been brought into existence to change all of these. There is no need bothering about maintenance. All you need to do after purchasing yours is have it connected and the rest is history. It is like a set and forget system since you will not be doing any extra work to keep it working as expected.

Key Points To Note

• A lithium ion battery for Electric Utility Vehicles does not experience memory effect

• So long as they are recharged as recommended by manufacturers, they will always perform well

• If their power levels drop to 25% or lower, you only need to recharge them again

They Are Very Durable

It is true that lead acid and other conventional batteries are durable. However, you need to understand that a li-ion battery offers more. It is like giving more without having to collect anything extra. In other words, there is no compromise. A li-ion battery used in utility vehicle has been designed to be very rugged. It can withstand different harsh conditions. These batteries are known to work perfectly in heat.

Normally, unfavorable temperature conditions have always been known to hinder the work rate of conventional batteries. This is not the case of a Lithium Ion Battery For Electric Utility Vehicles. Apart from withstanding hot temperature conditions, it also has more charging cycles. An average li-ion battery can last up to 5years. There are some that even last longer before replacement is required.

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Having seen all of the above, there is one certain fact. This has to do with li-ion batteries overtaking conventional batteries which utility vehicles have been using sooner or later. You will be missing out by not giving them a try today.For more about custom made lithium ion battery pack for electric utility vehicles UTV,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at https://www.jbbatterychina.com/custom-lithium-ion-battery-packs-for-electric-vehicle-cars-and-their-impact-on-the-environment.html for more info.

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