Why Getting A Custom Lithium ion Battery Pack Is A Great Option

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Why Getting A Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Is A Great Option

When it comes to choosing a battery pack for your product or application, there are two options. 

The first is picking a ready battery pack off the shelf. This usually calls for designing your product such that it is compatible with the battery pack in terms of size, weight capacity and voltage requirements. 

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A custom lithium-ion battery pack is the second option available. Here, instead of having to rework your product, designers can collaborate with battery manufacturers to build battery packs that help your machine put out its best performance. Contrary to popular belief, designing a custom lithium ion battery pack is also more cost-effective. 

Varied Chemistries 

The introduction of lithium-ion industries transformed the power industry dramatically. Features such as low self-discharge rates, higher energy densities, reduced body weight and compact sizes made them the battery of choice over lead-acid variants. 

Battery manufacturers have not stopped at providing a basic lithium-ion chemistry.  There are different lithium-ion chemistries available such as lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate and lithium nickel cobalt aluminium oxide. 

Each of these chemistries vary in their specifications and have thus widened the scope of applications. There are chemistries for critical designs that demand reliability such as medical equipment as well as portable applications. Opting for a custom lithium ion battery pack allows you the flexibility to settle for a chemistry that fits the requirement of your application. 

Size and Weight 

Custom lithium-ion battery packs are a winner for their size and weight too. 

Bulky machines are being replaced with compact designs for the sake of space efficiency. Custom-designed lithium ion batteries are neatly packed together so as to fit into the tightest spaces. Not only this, being lightweight, they are extremely easy to carry around. 

Higher Energy Density 

Custom lithium-ion batteries are a powerhouse of energy. Their compact size does not restrict the supply of energy, enabling machines to achieve the highest level of their performance. So, whether for consumer electronics or for forklifts used across production floors, lithium-ion batteries make a great choice. 

The energy capacity is almost 3 times more than that of lead acid batteries. They are quick to charge and reduce downtimes to a minimum. 

Reduced costs 

Using only the required number of cells and materials, custom lithium ion battery packs reduce the capital expenses. 

Given that custom lithium-ion batteries are made to the electrical requirements of an application, they offer better reliability. 

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To conclude, it is key to associate with a specialist battery manufacturer to secure the advantages of a custom lithium-ion battery. Working with a trusted battery maker gives you access to the best production facilities. Their technicians leverage their experience and expertise to help you design the best performing battery packs at an affordable cost.  Not only this, the cells must undergo rigorous testing and meet safety and quality standards. 

If you are scouring the market for custom lithium ion battery manufacturers China,  JB Battery is your one stop shop. 

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