Why Lithium-ion Battery Pack For Telecom Towers And UPS Have Become a Necessity

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Why Lithium-ion Battery Pack For Telecom Towers And UPS Have Become a Necessity

It is no longer news that telecoms firms now prefer to install lithium-ion batteries to ensure that their operations are uninterrupted. From all indications, it is apparent that this approach has paid off for the companies so far. But, while lithium-ion batteries have produced more than twice what regular lead acid batteries are capable of, some people still want to know the reason behind this efficiency.

Hence, this post intends to take us on a journey to answer the question of why lithium-ion battery for telecom towers have become a necessity in the scope of things today.

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Lesser Expenses

A huge chunk of the expenses necessary to run a telecoms tower come from backup power systems. In the past, you needed to have a solid financial base to run telecoms tower, since they were only powered by lead acid batteries.

But, the emergence and dominant presence of lithium-ion batteries is slowly changing that narrative. Telecoms firms are quickly switching to the use of lithium batteries to ensure uninterrupted operations.

According to experts, lithium batteries have the capacity to deliver more than twice whatever you can get from lead acid batteries. Regardless of the model you choose to use, these lithium-based batteries have proven to be effective and more cost-effective. If a lead acid battery was delivering 50,000mAH, its lithium-ion battery equivalent will give you more than 150,000mAH. That is exactly what that statement meant. Can you see that the difference between both productions ais far apart?

Speaking of expenses, the lithium-ion battery has reduced the cost of running a telecoms tower in 2022. The cost of running the tower has now been slashed heavily because of the cost-effectiveness of lithium batteries. This is just one of many factors why telecom operators have decided on a shift from lead acid batteries to the trending lithium-ion batteries.

More Profits

Although you may have figured this one out yourself, it is still good that we throw more light on the subject. Are you aware that over 30% of all the monies used to run and maintain a telecoms tower is spent on power? It’s a subject that has been a huge concern for the businesses. However, with lithium-ion batteries, telecoms companies can boast of higher profits because it cost a lot less to run and maintain a tower that is powered by lithium batteries. Therefore, the more lithium batteries you use for your telecom setup, the more your profits will increase. It’s as simple as that!

The Positive Effects Of Zero Pollutants

The poor efficiency of lead acid batteries is one thing, but the pollutants problem is entirely another issue. A serious issue for that matter. The pollutants produced from lead acid batteries do not only threaten the safety of the environment. It could also pose a serious health challenge for humans. Telecoms companies may have had to pay damages to workers or staff who have been affected by lead acid battery pollutants.

Thank goodness, lithium-ion batteries are not only cost-effective and more efficient, they are also free of any pollutants. This will be good news to any telecoms company that have been faced with litigations from their employees due to the issue of pollutants. This buttresses the point and necessity of clean energy. In fact, clean energy is one reasons why lithium-ion battery for telecom towers have become a necessity.

Little Or Zero Maintenance

This is one debate that has gone on for years – the issue of maintenance. There is a group of people who believe that it is almost impossible to use telecoms towers without carrying out some form of regular maintenance on the batteries. Apparently, those fronting such arguments are only used to lead acid batteries. Although some of them may have heard of lithium-ion batteries, a good number of them do not have any idea of how they function.

It may surprise you to know that you can use a lithium-ion battery year in year out, and you wouldn’t have any need for maintenance. There is nothing to maintain on a lithium-ion battery. Unless you want to rid the system of dust, there is really nothing else for you to do there in terms of maintenance.

Longer Lifespan

A long lifespan is one of the non-negotiable and incredible benefits of a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries, in their various models and designs, do have the capacity to last longer than their lead acid counterparts. This has made them a brilliant pick for telecoms towers. Without being told, telecoms firms are looking for any way to cut down their operational costs. And the use of lithium-ion batteries has been one of the most effective ways to implement that.

Super-fast Charging Capability

Rechargeable batteries are no magic wand. One way or another, they need to be charged before they can supply electricity to whatever is using them. That means, the time difference between discharging and full charge should not be high. In other words, while the battery is expected to supply power for long periods, charging it should not take much time.

That is where lithium-ion batteries have had an upper hand when compared to other rechargeable batteries. It is designed to charge fast, so you do not have a serious lag in time between discharging and charging. This attribute has made it easier to run telecoms towers without customers experiencing any downtimes.

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The answer to the question, why lithium-ion battery for telecom towers have become a necessity is not far-fetched at all. Due the above, it is obvious that the telecoms industry needed a boost in their daily operations, and lithium-ion batteries brought about that change. From the way lithium batteries function, it has shown that lead acid batteries are falling short in so many areas. That is something no one should take for granted. In summary, the introduction of lithium-based batteries has not only increased operational efficiency of telecoms towers, but has also created room for further advancements and research for better backup power in this industry.For more about lithium-ion battery pack for telecom towers and UPS,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at https://www.jbbatterychina.com/the-essence-of-waterproof-48v-150ah-lithium-ion-battery-packs-for-eelecom-tower-battery-backup-system.html for more info.

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